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Smart Comfort Socket

We recently user-tested our first fully-functional prototype and received great response.

What is              ? 

Creoto is developing the first custom fitting, standardised, smart prosthetic socket. Using our patent-pending technology, we will provide a system that not only improves the end user quality of life but is also cost-effective compared to the current inefficiently produced, poorly fitting prosthetic sockets.

“Creating Life Enhancement Through Mobility”

Our Platform

Controlled via a smartphone, our socket adjusts to provide a dynamic, comfortable fit as the users stump changes in shape and volume, with different grip pre-sets allowing users to switch seamlessly between activities. A combination of real-time data tracking and an interactive user interface helps amputees get back up on their new feet.

This also allows the users to connect to their prosthetist through our platform for consultation, saving them a lot of time and effort.


Future of Connected Healthcare


Our unique patent pending design not only allows a custom, comfortable fit from a standardised socket but also provides dynamic adjustment as the users stump changes in shape and volume. This ability removes the need for multiple inefficiently produced custom sockets, which make up a significant part of a £1.26 billion industry.


Connected to a smartphone, our user interface enables smooth control of the prosthesis. Combining this with the real-time data collection, our app allows interaction that will help users overcome the obstacles to independent mobility, helping them get back up on their new feet.


Real-time data collection allows pressure mapping of the socket, enabling improved user feedback and advanced product development. This feature also allows the user to programme pre-set grip levels, so they can transition effortlessly between activities, be it walking, running or just sitting down at the end of the day.


News from Creoto

Creoto collaborates with Wilbe Ventures

Wilbe Ventures and Creoto Limited joined hands towards achieving common mission focused on developing mobility and healthcare solutions. Wilbe is a strategic partner helping Creoto with its Investment, legal matters, business strategy and global expansion.


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